Capturing the Excitement: A Day at Vuba with Jade!


Capturing the Excitement: A Day at Vuba with Jade!


Capturing the Excitement: A Day at Vuba with Jade!


Working at Vuba is very exciting, with every day being fast-paced and filled with action. But when I get the chance to step out of the usual office routine and head on site, that's when the real buzz sets in.

These days out on site offer a treasure trove of opportunities, providing us with invaluable marketing materials. From professional shots to captivating videos and even breathtaking drone footage, Vuba capture it all. These visuals showcase not only our amazing installers in action but also the entire process and the finished results. It's these very materials that lend credibility to our work and demonstrate to potential customers exactly what they want to see. They become the perfect assets for websites, social media platforms, brochures, and more.

Throughout my three years at Vuba, these site visits have not only allowed me to perform my tasks but also to foster strong relationships with our dedicated installers. These days are instrumental in strengthening these connections and building even more fruitful partnerships!

My first Media Day was on site with Stoneset, installing Canyon Stone. One which especially stands out to me was with Approved Installers - MB Resin Surfacing installing a bespoke blend. This was so much fun and the team are a pleasure to work alongside. 

What's a day on-site without a much-needed dose of fuel? For me, it's essential I have a medium 2 shot mocha (usually from Costa but I'm not fussy). This keeps me going, no matter how busy the day gets.

As a woman stepping into a predominantly male-oriented industry, one might expect it to be a daunting experience. However I feel the complete opposite. Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. Within minutes, it feels like I've known them for years, and it makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. I always offer to help trowel once I've done my part taking the shots. I'd say my trowelling skills have definitely improved when I look back at my first time which was helping install our showroom floor at Vuba HQ in 2020. 

Once the work is done and I'm driving back, I'm filled with excitement about creating reels, TikToks, and social media posts about the projects we've captured. I share these materials with our installers, who can also leverage them to grow their own online presence. The success of our Vuba installers is directly tied to our success, creating a powerful and mutually beneficial dynamic.

View our Instagram highlights to see what me and other Vuba team members get up to on site.

The feedback we receive from our installers reinforces the impact these media days have on their businesses. One of them shared, "Never seen the jobs work so hard at such a fast pace... need to get you here more often."

But it's not just about the work; it's about building a sense of community and camaraderie. That's why I always like to bring along some Vuba treats on these visits. Now everyone loves a freebie, but it shows what Vuba are all about. We genuinely care and I love being part of a company that prioritises its people and values!

So, if you're curious about experiencing a media day with me or another member of the Vuba team, don't hesitate to reach out. You can drop me a message on WhatsApp at 07821 015949, and I'll do my best to find a spot for you in our diary.

At Vuba, every day is an adventure, and our site visits are a testament to the passion and dedication we have for our work. We're not just creating beautiful driveways; we're building relationships, fostering growth, and making a real impact in the industry we love. Join us on this journey, and let's capture the excitement together!