The reason why Vuba is the first choice for new build


The reason why Vuba is the first choice for new build


The reason why Vuba is the first choice for new build


A flood of Vuba Marble surrounded this beautiful new residence, nestled in the leafy Surrey countryside and Vuba were there to capture it.  The homeowners contacted our trustworthy Approved Installers Flexflooring to measure up.  They chose the mid grey marble blend Palazzo which perfectly matches with the sleek and contemporary aesthetics of the recently constructed architectural gem. 

Resin Bound on new home build

Marketing team member Jade jumped at the chance to join the 10 man team to snap at this extraordinary installation. This project extended across the rear of the property, seamlessly connecting the pool area, outdoor bar and living space which featured the family's out door entertaining area including kitchen and hot tub.  It was executed with total precision.

There are always ingenious tricks of the trade in the resin bound industry, which our Vuba team get to witness on days like this. Without exception, when you accompany Vuba installers on-site, you witness clever techniques that streamline their work and enhance efficiency. 

'One such technique that stands out in my memory is the use of a hanging basket as a stand for pouring hardener into the resin, eliminating the need to hold it.' - Jade, Content Creator

Check out our TikTok to see the video we made using the content from this project along with many more. ASMR is definitely a hit on here as you will see. 

Resin Bound on new home build

 Flexflooring also used a Stanley knife to cut open half of the Part A resin lid and rest the part B on it upside down to drain into the resin mix as required.  With numerous kits prepared like this in advance, given the scale of this project, this innovation significantly boosted efficiency. 


Power trowelling in the industry appears to be a matter of personal preference, with a diverse range of practices observed during our site visits for media coverage.  Some practitioners prefer the traditional approach of kneeling and hand trowelling, while for others, power trowelling has emerged as a transformative technique, reducing the strain and fatigue associated with manual methods.  On this installation, 2 power trowels were used to maximise efficiency.  

 new build inspo

A colour-coordinated expansion joint was strategically incorporated into this project which was made to best match the colour of the Marble blend.  These joints serve as a proactive measure against reflective cracking by absorbing thermal expansion caused by temperature fluctuations.

Throughout the installation process, a mobile measuring app called ‘Moasure’ proved to be a valuable asset measuring enabling precise area measurements from a unit on the bottom of a stick connecting via Bluetooth to the Moasure app. Results can be conveniently exported in PDF format, facilitating meticulous tracking of the quantity of mixes used.   new build inspiration

To guarantee the flawless quality of the Vuba surface, an easy float, also referred to as a 'bull float,' made an appearance too. Essentially, it resembles a trowel affixed to an extended pole. Typically employed for the purpose of smoothing and refining concrete surfaces, it was employed to conduct a triple check to ensure the Vuba surface remained impeccably smooth throughout the installation process.


As always, on completion our famous VuBeer was given out by Jade as a well-deserved reward for their exceptional work.  Perhaps it’s time to consider acquiring a VuBeer fridge to ensure everyone's preference for chilled beverages is met—after all, warm beer isn't anyone's first choice.
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At the back of this property around the pool, a sky-blue Rubbaflex FG surface was chosen, a rubber surface material created by Flexflooring. Rubbaflex FG can be best characterized as soft and rubbery, boasting a porous and compact nature. It excels at absorbing impacts and is seamlessly integrated.

"We really enjoy the complexity of high profile projects like this, they push you to pull together as a well-coordinated team and it always amazes me how quickly large areas like this come together.  This is only possible though by clear communication with your supplier and customer alike, communication in any project is key.  You also need to work with the best products available, and Vuba marble combined with Vuba binder and binder quartz are right up there with the best if not the best.  Special mention to Phil the delivery driver, keeping the team updated on delivery and then working with the to place 30 pallets exactly where needed utilizing the on board Moffet." -  Simon Hubble - MD of Flex Flooring

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