Celebrating Vuba's Collaborations with Celebrities and Influencers

Over the past year, our focus has been on championing the advantages of resin surfacing to a broader audience, emphasizing its status as the future of surfacing. At Vuba, we celebrate our partnerships with celebrities and influencers, taking immense pride in the chance to collaborate with remarkable individuals not only in the public eye but also possessing the power to influence and connect with a vast audience.

Explore our past collaborations to discover the names and stars we've partnered with. Stay tuned for the upcoming ones too.

Mark Wright & Michelle Keegan

Tv Personality & Actress

In September 2023, the renowned television personality Mark Wright and accomplished actress Michelle Keegan approached us to bring their Vuba dream surface to life. For this project Vuba brought together several teams of our Approved Installers. This collaboration allowed us to reach their millions of followers and fans.

With a distinct vision for their driveway, Mark and Michelle preferred darker blends to create a striking contrast against their white brick mansion. We therefore created a bespoke blend tailored to complement their aesthetic preferences. To read more on this project and see behind the scenes have a look at our blog.

Alex & Olivia Bowen

Love Island Stars

In May 2023, Vuba proudly collaborated with the duo from Love Island, The Bowens, for an exciting project that set social media abuzz. The impact of this collaboration exceeded our expectations, creating a ripple effect of success across various platforms. Our first viral TikTok was using footage we captured from this install.

The couple where an absolute pleasure from start to finish and both didn't mind getting a pair of gloves on to help complete their Vuba patio of dreams. The Vuba surface was featured on an episode of 'Celebrity Homes' as Olivia showed Abbey Clancy around their stunning home.

Sam Faiers

Tv Personality

In September 2022, former TV reality show star Sam Faiers emerged as one of the earliest celebrities to reach out and collaborate with Vuba. This presented a golden opportunity for us to extend our brand reach and introduce Resin Bound to a widespread audience, leveraging Sam's influential platforms with millions of followers.

Throughout the collaboration, Sam featured the Resin Bound process on her podcast, "The Sam & Billie Show," which she recorded on the same day. This provided a valuable insight into the project and its transformative journey. Shortly thereafter, Billie Shepherd, Sam's sister, contacted us upon witnessing her sister’s Vuba driveway!

Greg & Billie Shepherd

Tv Personalities

Vuba had this amazing chance to team up with Billie and Greg Shepherd for their team Vuba driveway at their dream home in February 2023! They got in touch to help complete one of the final touches on their home reno. Greg even got in on the action, giving our Approved Installers a hand on the trowel.

During this install our team managed to be featured on ITV's 'The Family Diaries' as the couple where wanting to film this project for their show. For more action from that day see our Instagram reel.

Abbey Clancy & Peter Crouch

Tv Personalities & Sportsman

In April 2024, Model and TV personality Abbey Clancy and former Premier League Football player Peter Crouch teamed up with Vuba to bring their dream driveway to life.

During the collaboration, Abbey and Peter discussed their Resin bound journey on their podcast, "The Therapy Crouch", offering insight into the project and how the transformation was a “game changer" for their family. For more highlights from this project, check out our Social Media!

Kelsey Parker

Internet Personality

In September 2023 Vuba had the opportunity to work with Internet Personality, Kelsey Parker. Our partnership involved supporting Kelsey in the transformation of her driveway into a space that not only serves a practical function but also enhances its visual appeal. Kelsey enthusiastically joined in on the project and jumped on the trowel to assist our Installers.

Claire Cashmore

Paralympic Champion and World Champion Triathlete

In July 2023, Vuba had the pleasure of collaborating with Paralympian, Claire Cashmore. We helped her to transform her tired block paved driveway into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. This helped us to captivate and connect with her dedicated and concentrated following of athletes. See her story of the project and how her fury friend helped her to chose the perfect colour match.

Sophia Ferrari-Wills

Social Media Influencer

In June 2023, Vuba had the pleasure of collaborating with social media personality, Sophia Ferrari-Wills. For this project Vuba brought together a team of our Approved Installers to bring her vision to life. Sophia had a clear idea of what she wanted for her patio.

This collaboration allowed us to reach her 600 thousand followers on Instagram alone!

Joanna Fletcher

Social Media Influencer

In August 2023, Social Media Influencer Joanna Fletcher, made the decision to update her driveway using Vuba. She crafted a space that perfectly complemented her modern home, resulting in a polished look.

Joanna’s large, dedicated audience across social media platforms praised her collaboration with Vuba, leading to numerous new driveway installations inspired by her design.