An installation day with Lucy and Trowel Monkeys


An installation day with Lucy and Trowel Monkeys


An installation day with Lucy and Trowel Monkeys


Last week I got to visit Trowel Monkeys on site in Stourbridge. Trowel Monkeys have been a Vuba customer since early 2021 and an Approved contractor since 2022! We have formed an amazing relationship over the last few years, so having the opportunity to do a media day with them is always anticipated!   

In this time Trowel Monkeys have installed all manor of different projects including beer gardens, residential patios and beautiful driveways and even being brought along for the ride with Vuba to work with Claire Cashmore the Paralympian!

See the Claire Cashmore x Vuba Resin project

This lead came through to Vuba's Sales Office on the 5th July when the customer John was looking for a Vuba Approved installer in his area. I knew who was perfect for the job and sent it straight through to Trowel Monkeys on the same day. Trowel Monkeys then contacted John that same afternoon. The next day, Trowel Monkeys visited John at his home with a sample case allowing him to pick his Vuba Blend and they set the cogs in motion with an install date. Wednesday 19th July was the day – meaning it was just two weeks from the lead coming through to Vuba to the job being installed! Light work for this team.

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This is what our customer John had to say about working with Vuba and Trowel Monkeys!
"Excellent experience. I was researching one night, next day they came back to me within 24 hours with a recommendation of an approved installer, within 24 hours or that he came back to me with two boxes of samples we discussed it for two hours. The next thing we've got it booked in. Two weeks later it's done. It's been excellent"
Working with Vuba means working with a dedicated Account Manager, it means creating a partnership – We are always looking for ways to help you grow your business. We keep an eye out for leads in your area, for ways to help you improve marketing your business such as our ‘Approved Contractor’ A Boards and of course a few treats and merch along the way which always go down well!

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