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Why use a Vuba Installer?


Vuba Installers possess specialised knowledge and skills specific to resin-bound surfacing, guaranteeing superior results


With Vuba's rigorous certification process and ongoing training initiatives, you can trust that your installer is competent and dependable

Quality Assurance

Vuba's commitment to maintaining high standards ensures that every project, regardless of size or complexity, is executed with precision and excellence

Tailored Solutions

Whether you require intricate designs or straightforward installations, Vuba Installers are equipped to meet your unique project needs

Market Leaders

Entrusting your project to a Vuba Installer means you our cutting-edge, market leading products will be used. All rigorously tested against industry standards in our in-house R&D lab.

Exclusive Colours

Vuba Installers have access to the most extensive range of colour choices on the market. Making it the ideal choice for anyone seeking their unique colour scheme, as we have something to suit everyone's tastes.

The Vuba Seal of Approval.

Our three tiers of Vuba Installers all adhere to the highest of standards set by us. Installing resin bound using the best products in the industry and following the guidelines we define to ensure the best possible finish for your dream surfacing solution. So much so we provide our installers with a 20 year warranty when using our products, so you can be assured, no matter which tier of installer is assigned to your project, they have our seal of approval.


Representing the emerging talent within our installer network. These trusted contractors are committed to using Vuba materials and following our guidance in completing projects to the highest of standards.


With a strong foundation in Vuba's product applications, these loyal Vuba installers are known for their reliability and efficiency. Approved Installers handle their projects with expertise and professionalism.


Having worked with us the longest and successfully completed Vuba's comprehensive training course, Elite installers are equipped to tackle any project with finesse and precision.

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