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Easihold is a Revolutionary New Patented Stone Binder - Capable of Bonding and Fixing Loose Stones in Place.

Easihold is a water based, non-harmful, easy-to-use binder that leaves stones permeable, with a protective sheen.

Protects Stones - Easihold coats and protects stones, leaving an attractive protective silk sheen which helps prevents staining over time.

Finalist at Chicago Show - Easihold was a finalist in the best product category at the International Garden Centre Convention, Chicago, 2019.

Guaranteed Great Results - Follow the instructions on the leaflet you'll receive with your bottle. Don't over saturate your stones / mulch, use at the advised coverage rate and ensure conditions are dry. Doing this will allow you to achieve fantastic results every time!

IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE USE: Over-saturation, caused by using more liquid than the recommended amount per square metre, will leave the surface wet and un-bonded. For best results, read our application guide which is available through the QR code on the bottle.


Easihold 5 Litres FAQ's

It’s important you apply Easihold in the right weather conditions. Warm weather and most importantly, dry conditions for the 48 hours after application will give you optimal performance from your Easihold binder. Easihold is a water based, air drying product. As the water evaporates, our patented Easihold particles crosslink to bond and stabilise your stones! It’s very important Easihold is able to carry out this evaporation process to gain its strength. When this doesn’t happen – for example in cold conditions or if you have applied too much Easihold and the stones are over saturated; the crosslinking process will not occur, and the final result will be compromised The stones you use don’t have to be dry upon purchase, but we do recommend washing and letting them dry before use, as some new stones can arrive with a silty deposit. Contamination like this will prevent a strong bond being achieved between your stones. If you’re using existing stones, try to remove any dirt or debris prior to application, and leave them to dry before applying Easihold. There are two important factors for a suitable base for Easihold. Firstly, the base has to be stable enough to support the traffic it is to receive. And secondly, the base should be free draining. Easihold is a water-based product and will start to break down if left submerged underwater for long periods of time.

We have over 150 colour blend options for you to choose from! Take a look at our Inspiration Page for images of blends in-use and compare colour schemes or try out our Vusion Visualiser tool to receive a mock-up of your dream surface in front of your home!

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Vuba is the premier choice, having received awards and being chosen by celebrities, known as the Resin Bound Industry Leaders. Our products are developed in-house, and the Vuba resin-bound system has been 30 years in the making, which includes a unique patented resin formula. We are always seeking improvement and new innovations. Our Vuba system is SuDS-compliant and is 19 times more permeable than block paving. Ideal for Housing Developments, Public Buildings, Private Driveways, and beyond, Vuba ensures an eco-friendly, durable, and permeable solution.

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Why should you get a Vuba Surface?

There are many reasons why installing a Vuba Surface is a great decision! Read our top 5 reasons for getting a resin bound surface.


Choosing a Vuba surface is a stylish decision. Your surface will be sure to stand out from the crowd!


A Resin Bound surface will last a long time with the correct care and attention.

100% Permeable

Vuba Surfacing is fully permeable, meaning water passes right through it. This helps protect your property against flooding.

Low Maintenance

A Resin Bound surface needs minimal maintenance to uphold its beauty.

UV Resistant

Vuba Surfaces are UV resistant, which means they are protected from colour changes and fading!

What are you laying your Vuba Surface on?

We recommend VubaMac - its 57% stronger than Asphalt!

VubaMac is our recommended base for Vuba Surfacing. With a monolithic bond guaranteeing long-lasting performance, VubaMac surpasses conventional materials like concrete and asphalt in longevity and flexibility. Plus, its ease of application, provided by a single supplier, offers unmatched convenience, with installations completed in just one day, minimising disruption and providing a smoother, quieter alternative. Say hello to a greener, more resilient future with VubaMac.

Vuba SRM
Urethane Binder Course
Another Layer of Vuba SRM
Resin Bound top layer

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