Greg and Billie Shepherd of ITV’s ‘The Family Diaries’, get the Vuba driveway of their dreams. The perfect finish to their stunning Essex home!

Project Stats

Size: 360m2
Base: Open Grade Tarmac
Colour Blend: Maple Falls
Number of Contractors: 7
Time taken: 8 Hours
Number of ITV Camera people: 2
Project playlist: 00’s RnB

What dream driveways are made of!

Greg and Billie’s 360m2 driveway started its transformation with a base of Open Grade Tarmac which was laid at the end of last year. This base is perfect for Resin Bound as it is permeable, seamless and flexes with temperature change. This means the Resin Bound layer on top freely drains and does not crack.

After receiving one of the in-demand Vuba sample cases, the ITV couple landed on the colour blend, Maple Falls, after some deliberation; the perfect mix of earthy tones for a traditional feel to what is a very modern surface.  

Greg Shepherd with our social media manager, Jade Tyson, showing off one of our A5 samples! Run under water to see for yourself the permeability of Resin Bound surfacing. 

Highly Recommended

Samantha Faiers recommended this modern paving solution from Vuba, after having her own Vuba Resin driveway laid earlier in the year.

Originally recommended by Mrs Hinch, the Vuba driveway is quickly becoming THE paving option, loved for its modern aesthetic and low maintenance attributes.

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Great for the Environment

Vuba Resin looks amazing but it’s fantastic for the environment. So much so, you don’t need planning permission and soon all non-permeable concrete and Tarmac driveways will be banned on new developments because of the harmful impact they have on Flood Risk.

We are working on an exclusive research project with the Flood Innovation Centre as we speak to model the savings to the UK economy if Vuba Resin was adopted more broadly. Check back later this year for our results!

A Timeless Finish

Whether you have a country home like Mrs Hinch, a townhouse or something in between, you have the option of 24 colours ranging from traditional natural bronze and brown hues to modern blue and grey marble colours.

Visit our Vuba Pinterest for Resin Bound inspiration and real-life example projects in each of our colours.

Billie and Greg chose the blend, Maple Falls, as the perfect framing for their Essex home.

Vuba Approved Contractors

Our Vuba approved contractors are setting the precedent for Resin Bound surfacing through large and widely seen projects like Greg and Billie’s, ensuring that Vuba is synonymous with excellent workmanship and professionalism. A reputation which we endeavour to share with the Resin Bound industry as a whole.

Watch ‘The Family Diaries’ on ITV and let us know if you spot Vuba!