Official Vuba Resin Bound Flexural Strength Tests

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Official Vuba Resin Bound Flexural Strength Tests


Official Vuba Resin Bound Flexural Strength Tests

Vuba High Scores: Vuba Standard Resin - 9.376 MPa | Vuba MT Resin – 8.66 MPa

Vuba recently conducted a comprehensive Flexural Strength Test comparing our Standard Resin and Moisture Tolerant (MT) Resin against leading competitors in the industry. In our lab we created 4 sets of samples, all made to the manufacturers guidelines and left to cure for the exact same amount of time.

The flexural strength test, performed by a UKAS approved lab for impartial results, involved a three-point bend test to evaluate the material’s resistance to bending forces. These tests were conducted to British Standard - BS EN 13892-2:2022. This was to make sure the tests were to an approved standard creating a fair test.

In addition to this, we tested how the products performed when affected by water. We submerged the tests in water whilst they were curing to test moisture tolerance to an extreme level.

British Standard Tests

The results revealed significant advantages for Vuba’s resin products over the leading competitors. In some instances, Vuba’s flexural strength scores nearly double those of the competitors, indicating superior performance!

The first graph shows an average of the results. The average flexural strength of our Standard resins were up to 30% higher than that of the competitions.

Our MT resin (second graph) demonstrated even greater superiority, when moisture damaged, of nearly 5 times the strength of one of the competitors. Proving it does exactly what it is designed to do with its resistance to moisture! Our standard resin even performed pretty great too, still being nearly 280% stronger than that of the competitions!

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