Vuba Resin Bound Specified at Beautiful New Build Site - Case Study!


Vuba Resin Bound Specified at Beautiful New Build Site - Case Study!

Vuba Resin Bound Specified at Beautiful New Build Site - Case Study!


Two luxury houses, built as part of a new build development chose specified Vuba Resin Bound Surfacing for their opulent driveways.

The first home showcases the grey, more modern grey resin bound surfaces. And the second home demonstrates how even traditional bronzes and gold resin bound colours look modern when applied as a resin bound surface.

The Base comprised of a 60mm open grade macadam (20mm stone diameter) applied on to an MOT Type 1 Sub-Base. This is the preferred Base Buildup for Resin Bound Surfacing. Benefiting from being permeable and exhibiting excellent flexural strength. 

After allowing 7 days for oxidation, 18mm of Resin Bound Surfacing was then installed. Each project was carried out in one phase by experienced Approved Contractor 3 Point Construction Limited. 

The specifier requested a custom blend for each of the properties - and samples were produced for approval prior to application. 
Each of the aggregates used within the blends have been tested independently for a variety of physical properties, including Abrasion Resistance, Particle Density and Water Absorption. The final blend was then tested in accordance with British Standard BS EN 12390 - 3: 2009, an example you can see here.

The first property opted for a mix of Silver Blue Granite and Black Basalt, which created a fantastic modern feel to the home. The aggregate was bound in the Valtex Aliphatic Resin Binder Kit. Valtex is produced in East Yorkshire, and has been tested independently for Flexural, Tensile and Shore D Hardness - results available upon request. You can view our Valtex Technical Datasheet here

The second home opted for a more traditional brown, bronze Resin Bound Surface, using quartz and flint aggregates. These aggregates combine to create a warm, earthy feel whilst still benefiting from being a modern finish with aggregates which are held firmly in place by the resin binder. 

The application was installed by Scott Harrison on behalf of 3 Point Construction Limited. Both highly experienced operators within Resin Bound Surfacing. 3 Point Construction are a part of our Approved Contractor scheme, whereby we recommend contractors to those seeking resin bound installation. We would always recommend to obtain multiple quotes, references and satisfy yourself to the competency of a contractor prior to appointing on your project. 

3 Point Construction are based in Lincoln but carry out work nationwide. For more information contact us on 01482 778897 or email