Vuba Marble in Resin Bound


Vuba Marble in Resin Bound


Vuba Marble in Resin Bound


In 2019, we launched our Marble Bound range to the condemnation of many in the industry.

“Marble aggregates don’t work in resin bound” - that was the mantra then.

Mostly because they hadn’t in the past. But what had been sold in the past was marble for stone carpet.

My experience installing marble terrazzo floors told me marble could be used in very heavy-duty environments – it could work in resin surfacing, but it had to be the right type.

Marble on driveways

How Vuba Marble became a success       

During our research, we travelled Europe and the USA, eventually settling on a manufacturer and a plan for the stones.

The stones would be angular, only slightly rounded, composed of genuine marble (not dolomite), and the spread of sizes would mimic a quartz aggregate blend we knew worked so well.

That launch has been a huge success, we’ve sold more than 1 million bags of marble, and we regard ourselves as marble experts!
Marble doesn't fail on driveways
Fast forward to now and we’re seeing a variety of marble come into the market. It’s our opinion that everything we have seen so far isn’t suitable for vehicle traffic. Far too round and intended for internal stone carpets, little dispersion of sizes and often composed of dolomite. 

We think there’ll be a repeat of the pre-Vuba marble problems, and we’re keen to separate our products from these. 

Marble Trade Price from 1st February 2024

Marble Aggregates used for Resin Bound

Available in the coming weeks and valid from 1st February. We will also have a new aggregate price list released.

Much simpler and easier to understand - aggregates will be grouped into categories and you will see a big reduction in prices.

Whilst competition on resin pricing has been strong for the last 2 years, aggregate prices have gone up and up. We’re hoping to change that, and the industry will follow suit.

Spanish Marble Aggregates

From 1st February our marble will be reduced from 3 sizes to 2 sizes.

The existing 2-4mm and 4-6mm size will be blended at the factory into a 2-6mm size.

This will make the installation a little easier and helps us to reduce our costs, which we’re passing on to you.

From early next year we will be changing our marble bags to make it much clearer which is the small and which is the big size.

Sean Scott - MD at Vuba