Industry Updates

Introducing VubaMac

The ultimate solution for flood-resistant paving that revolutionises traditional construction methods.

Crafted with innovative permeability technology, VubaMac stands as the most flood-resistant paving in the world, ensuring durability and sustainability.

Utilising 100% Repurposed Waste Aggregate and renewable binders, VubaMac not only reduces environmental impact but also addresses pressing issues like CO2 emissions from concrete and VOC emissions from asphalt. Its groundbreaking No Dig approach preserves the earth, saving millions of kilograms of earth per street while eliminating the need for drainage systems.

With a monolithic bond guaranteeing long-lasting performance, VubaMac surpasses conventional materials like concrete and asphalt in longevity and flexibility. Plus, its ease of application, provided by a single supplier, offers unmatched convenience, with installations completed in just one day, minimising disruption and providing a smoother, quieter alternative. Say hello to a greener, more resilient future with VubaMac.

  • Permeability
  • No Dig
  • Ease of Application and Less Disruption
  • Longevity
  • Patent Pending

    What is VubaMac?

    VubaMac is a flexible and highly durable environmentally friendly base designed for resin bound surfacing. Unlike alternative bases which are not designed for resin bound, VubaMac will form a monolithic bond with the resin bound surface when applied within the advised intercoat period; creating the first ever fully functional resin bound surface. The complete VubaMac system (including resin bound surface course) is to be installed at 36mm for Pedestrian Traffic and 50mm for Vehicular Traffic.

    Urethane Binder Course

    • A monolithically bonded polyurethane system.
    • High Strength Aggregate - a specially selected, waste, hard wearing aggregate to provide the structure for your PU Binder Course.
    • NON UV Polyurethane Resin - An aromatic resin designed to provide increased durability and strength to the binder course.
    • Binding Quartz - A multi sized strengthening quartz.

    SRM Layers

    The SRM is a Structural Reinforcement Mesh that makes up 2 layers of the VubaMac Urethane Binder Course. Adding a high strength resistance and support structure to the base.

    Structural Reinforcement Mesh

    • Made from Recyclable Plastic
    • High Tenacity Polyester Yarns
    • UV Resistant Finished Coating
    • >50kN Strength Resistance


        SuDS Compliant
        The Sustainable Urban Drainage System scheme is important in improving the environment and supporting the drainage systems.
        Making sure products are free draining and fully permeable, the investigations by the Flood Innovation Centre show that our products are 19 times more permeable than block paving! VubaMac had 0 litres of water run off. Incorporating an MOT Type 3 base to ensure full system permeability, the VubaMac requires no planning permission.
        "VubaMac is the only fully SuDS compliant paving system from earth to top surface. The high flow rate of the permeable system will make huge positive contributions to the defence against floods. Helping support the water outlets and dramatically decreasing the risk of flooding from surface water."
        LAURA BIGLEY AND VIKKI KEEBLECo-Chairs of the Association of SuDS Authorities (ASA)

        100% Repurposed Waste Aggregate

        VubaMac aggregate has been re-purposed and saved from being a waste product. The aggregate is then screened to remove any debris leaving a very good quality, repurposed aggregate suitable for a variety of applications, including the Urethane Binder Course layer of our VubaMac.

        No Dig

        VubaMac eliminates the need for heat-applied, excavated bases, reducing total depths to under 56mm for both base and resin-bound surfacing systems. This minimises excavation, requiring less machinery and offering a more sustainable choice for hard landscaping surfaces. Asphalt, a high-VOC substance, emits harmful gases during production, as does the process of cement production for concrete.


        Ease of Application

        • One supplier for all components.

        • Installation completed in just 1 day, saving time compared to waiting for tarmac or concrete to cure.

        • Complete project control; not dependent on other trades for base construction.

        • Minimal mess during installation.

        • Results in a flatter, more uniform surface.

        • Less Disruption: Reduced noise, heavy machinery, and spillages.

        Did you know...
        • The direct CO2 emissions of asphalt are around 25kg per tonne!
        • Concrete causes 9% of the global CO2 emissions.


          VubaMac’s crush test results were even higher than Asphalt! We tested the strength of VubaMac to prove it’s longevity and strength. In our compression test we saw that Asphalt crushed at 42kN whereas our VubaMac couldn’t be crushed at all! This supports our previous tests showing that the Flexure Strength is 57% stronger. These results mean we can be confident in giving a higher warranty of 25 years! VubaMac is a good middle ground between Concrete’s crush strength and Asphalt’s, with all the added benefits of reduced depth, repurposed waste aggregate and one day installation.